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International Political Economy (PSC 2439)

Comparative Political Economy (IAFF 3184; IAFF 6198; PSC 6388)

Political Economy of Latin America (IAFF 3177)

Rising Market Powers and 21st Century Globalization (IAFF 3184; IAFF 6198)

Advanced Theories of International Political Economy (PSC 8453)

Advanced Theories of Comparative Political Economy (PSC 8453)

Awards and Nominations

2020-2021 - selected as as an outstanding professor within the Elliott School of International Affairs by the Xi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, the professional business fraternity at GWU.

Announcement:  "The Xi Rho Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, the professional business fraternity at GWU, selected Professor Stephen Kaplan as an outstanding professor within the international affairs school. Within our Chapter, he has made a tremendous impact on so many of us. We have agreed that Professor Kaplan is one of the most engaging professors at GWU with the ability to convey his passion. The care he has for each and every student in person and online is incredible, which has allowed our members to be engaged in his international affairs curriculum. Rarely do we as students walk away with learning so much content as we do in his classes. Professor Kaplan's commitment to teaching and supporting students is such a wonderful attribute, which has contributed to the higher success of our students. We would like to thank him for each and every one of his caring and thoughtful actions that have contributed to our academic, personal, and professional success. We are thankful for Professor Kaplan's continuous support through these difficult times as we navigate our lives. His role as a professor has had a wonderful impact on the members of our Chapter. We acknowledge that international affairs would not be as impactful without him as a faculty member."

Student testimonial:  “Professor Kaplan is by far the best professor that I have had at GW! He is very lively and engaging in his classes, incredibly knowledgeable about the subject matter he teaches and loves discussion! He was always so fun to learn from in class and I could tell that he really cared about me as a student. He is one of the few educators out there that only grows in the passion he has for his work and I would take him again in a heartbeat! It is professors like him which are the reason why I chose GW! All around just a great man and a wonderful mentor to anybody that is passionate about their work.”

2021-2022 - nominated for the university-wide Trachtenberg Prize for Teaching by GW students and the political science department; nominated for the Elliott School's Harry Harding Teaching Prize.

2022-2023 - nominated for the third time for the university-wide Bender Teaching Award by GW students and the political science  department.

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